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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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Search Criteria Description
ldapsearch Input
-b "" Specifies a search base (-b) and a scope (-s) for the RootDSE object.
-s base
-H ldap://host:port/ Identifies the URI for the Ldap server.

For details, see Running Ldapsearch and LdapServerName.

defaultNamingContext Specifies an attribute name to limit the search. If you do not specify an attribute name, the search returns values for all available attributes.
ldapsearch Output
dn: The FQDN of the object.

Since the search base is “” and the scope is base, dn returns the RootDSE object, the name for which is a zero length string.

defaultNamingContext: DC=esrootdom, DC=esdev, DC=tdat The value of the schemaNamingContext attribute.