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July 2021
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Teradata Vantage provides the following methods for restricting database access by IP address:
  • Create IP restrictions in an XML document or a directory and then transfer them to the IP restriction GDO. See the topics that follow this one.
  • Create a security policy that defines IP restrictions. For details about configuration and use of policy IP restrictions, see Network Security Policy.

IP restrictions apply to direct database logons, and logons through Unity. For logons through Unity, in addition to the logon user name and IP address, the Teradata Vantage gateway also receives the Unity user ID and IP address.

IP restrictions are not applicable to users who logon through middle-tier applications because the Teradata Vantage gateway does not see the originating IP address. The exception to this rule is Unity, which passes the client IP address to the gateway.
You can also set security policy for IP addresses in a network group. See Network Security Policy.