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Teradata Vantage™ - Bring Your Own Model User Guide

Teradata Vantage
Release Number
May 2022
Last Update
Content Type
User Guide
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English (United States)
On the Teradata documentation web site https://docs.teradata.com/:
Title Publication ID
Teradata Package for Python User Guide B700-4006
Teradata Package for Python Function Reference B700-4008
Teradata Package for R User Guide B700-4005
Teradata Package for R Function Reference B700-4007
Teradata Vantage™ Modules for Jupyter Installation Guide B700-4010
Teradata Vantage™ Machine Learning Engine Analytic Function Reference B700-4003
Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Analytic Functions B035-1206
On the Python Package Index (PyPI) site https://pypi.org/user/teradata/:
  • Teradata Package for Python (teradataml)
  • Teradata SQL Driver for Python (teradatasql)
  • Teradata SQL Driver Dialect for SQLAlchemy (teradatasqlalchemy)
On https://github.com/Teradata/r-driver:
  • Teradata Package for R (tdplyr)
  • Teradata SQL Driver for R (teradatasql)