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PrerequisiteYou must be logged on as the root user.
  1. Create a file, filename.txt, with one line for each cufconfig parameter whose value you want to change.
    Each line has this syntax: parameter: value
    For example:
    • These lines change the memory and cache to the maximum values in Recommended Java Server Settings for Concurrent BYOM Sessions:
      ParallelUserServerAMPs: 50
      ParallelUserServerPEs: 50
      SecureServerAMPs: 120
      SecureServerPEs: 120
      JavaHybridThreads: 50
      JavaServerTasks: 50
    • This line increases the JVM memory size and the cache size:
      JVMOptions: -Xms2048m -Xmx8192m -DcacheMaxLimit=3g

      The value of cacheMaxLimit is in GB.

      For more information about these parameters, see Configuration and Tuning Settings.

  2. Run this command:
    cufconfig -f filename.txt
  3. Restart the system:
    # tpareset -f force
      You are about to restart the database
      on the system 'S1'
      Do you wish to continue (default: n) [y,n] y
  4. Check the new parameter values:
    cufconfig -o | grep -iE 'parameter[|parameter]'
    For example, to show the values of the parameters ParallelUserServerAMPs and ParallelUserServerPEs:
    cufconfig -o | grep -iE 'paralleluserserveramps|paralleluserserverpes'