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Teradata Vantage
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October 2021
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The Vantage BYOM feature is available to Vantage customers at no cost.

Contact your Teradata representative to order the Vantage BYOM software package and schedule installation.

The installation and use of Vantage BYOM can potentially impact memory usage and scalability, which can reduce the number of functions that can run concurrently without affecting other running database workloads.

To understand the potential impact and make sure that the installation parameters for the SQLE system have the correct settings, review Workload Management for Vantage BYOM and Recommended Java Server Settings for Concurrent BYOM Sessions before using Vantage BYOM.

After Vantage BYOM installation, you can find the examples, PMML models, and MOJO models that appear in this guide in /opt/teradata/byom/ on the node on which Vantage BYOM is installed. All BYOM function jars are installed in all the nodes. Examples can also be found at TSS or

In Cloud

Vantage is delivered as-a-service. Submit a change request from the Teradata support portal ( to install Vantage BYOM on your system. BYOM software will be pre-installed in new cloud system deployments starting October 2021.