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Teradata Vantageā„¢ DATASET Data Type

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March 2019
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The input data to the DATASET_KEYS table operator is determined by the result of the SELECT statement in the ON clause. The input data must be one or more rows of data with one column where the data type is either:
  • CHAR/VARCHAR/CLOB/JSON/VARBYTE/BYTE/BLOB and the data represents a valid schema for the DATASET type storage format in use.

If the input data is not one of those data types, or the schema data passed in is invalid, an error occurs. If the data passed in consists of zero rows, a null value is returned.

The result of the table operator is one or more output rows, where each row represents a path that can be queried in either the DATASET instance or schema. You can specify an optional parameter, QUOTES, in the USING clause of the table operator. The results are wrapped in quotes.

DATASET_KEYS can only parse input data that is equal to or less than the maximum size defined for the return value.

For example, if the input data is a CSV value of length 32,001 but the return value size is defined as 32,000, then DATASET_KEYS cannot parse the input even though the actual value that DATASET_KEYS will return may be less than 32,000.

You can use the DATASETAttributeSize DBS Control field to change the default return value size.