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Teradata Vantageā„¢ DATASET Data Type

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March 2019
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The INSERT-SELECT statement supports inserting a value to a DATASET data type column of any storage format. You can select and use a source table with a DATASET column whose data length is compatible with the DATASET data type column of the target table as a source value to the INSERT-SELECT operation. The source table must also have the same storage format as the target column.

If the source data is larger than the maximum possible length of the target DATASET data type column, an error occurs.

The data stored in the source table must contain a schema, so you do not need to specify a schema in the INSERT-SELECT statement. If you want the target table to store the data with an updated schema, the target column must have a schema specified. The schema specified in this location overwrites any schema specified for the source data, so be careful to ensure the new schema correctly describes the source data.