Views without Default PUBLIC Privileges | Teradata Vantage - 17.10 - Views for Which PUBLIC Privileges Are not Granted by Default - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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The system grants default access privileges on some views only to user DBC. These views contain security information or other data that is not for general use, so they are not included when the system grants default PUBLIC privileges on other views.

You must GRANT privileges to the following restricted views for any users or roles that need access to them.

  • DBC.AccessLog
  • DBC.AccLogRules
  • DBC.CSPSessionInfo
  • DBC.DBQLRules
  • DBC.DeleteAccessLog
  • DBC.DeleteOldInDoubt
  • DBC.InDoubtLog
  • DBC.LogonRules
  • DBC.QryLog
  • DBC.QryLogExceptions
  • DBC.QryLogExplain
  • DBC.QryLogEvents
  • DBC.QryLogObjects
  • DBC.QryLogSQL
  • DBC.QryLogSteps
  • DBC.QryLogSummary
  • DBC.QryLogTDWM
  • DBC.QryLogTDWMSum
  • DBC.SecurityLog
  • DBC.Software_Event_Log