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July 2021
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The Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR system view helps to extend the properties of a DATE data type column by means of a join. The columns of the view contain data only for the active calendar for the session.

The calendar dates range from 1900 to 2100 and are stored in a table in the Sys_Calendar database.

The administrator must run DIPCAL SQL and DIPSYSFNC scripts from the DIP utility to create the Sys_Calendar database and the versions of the Calendar view.

There are three versions of the Sys_Calendar.Calendar view:
  • Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR
  • Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE (view used for the current release)
  • Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD1310 (legacy view that uses arithmetic to compute column values)

Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR and Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE have the same definition after running the DIP utility.

The current version (Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE) is an internal view and can only be accessed by user DBC.