17.10 - To Revert the View to the Current Version - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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If the view was redefined to the Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD1310 view definition and you want to use the current version, you need to redefine Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR so that is has the definition of the current version. The current version (named Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE), is an internal view and has restricted access.

The current version can be used with the Teradata, ISO, and COMPATIBLE session calendars.

To redefine Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR from the Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD1310 definition, replace the Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR definition with the definition of Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE:

  1. Use this statement to view the definition of the current view:
    	SHOW VIEW Sys_Calendar.Calendar_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE;
  2. Use REPLACE to replace the definition of Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR with the definition of Sys_Calendar.Calendar_TD_ISO_COMPATIBLE.

After you redefine Sys_Calendar.CALENDAR, it uses Embedded Services functions to compute column values for the following columns:

  • day_of_month
  • weekday_of_month
  • month_of_quarter
  • month_of_year
  • quarter_of_year
  • year_of_calendar