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July 2021
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The All_RI_ChildrenV[X] view is designed for use in a SELECT statement with a WHERE clause to narrow the selection criteria.

The All_RI_ChildrenV[X] view is similar to the RI_Child_TablesV[X] view but contains the database, table, and column names instead of the IDs for access control purposes. The administrator can control who has access to internal ID numbers by limiting the access to the RI_Child_TablesV[X] view while allowing more (or all) users to access the names via the All_RI_ChildrenV[X] view.

Corresponding Tables

The X view references these additional tables:

  • DBC.AccessRights
  • DBC.Owners
  • DBC.Roles
  • DBC.RoleGrants


If the value in the InconsistencyFlag column is Y, it may be possible to validate the reference indexes that have been marked as inconsistent.