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July 2021
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The PartitioningConstraintsV[X] system views provide information about partitioning constraints, which are constraints derived from a PARTITION BY clause for a table or join index that has partitioning.

For information about the possible values for the ConstraintType column, see "ConstraintType Column."

Corresponding Tables

The X view references these additional tables:
  • DBC.AccessRights
  • DBC.Owners
  • DBC.RoleGrants
  • DBC.Roles

Use the SHOW TABLE statement, HELP COLUMN statement, and the ColumnsV[X] and DBC.PartitioningConstraintsV[X] views to obtain partitioning information for a table or join index.

The HELP INDEX statement Ordered or Partitioned attribute shows if an index is partitioned. For a NoPI table, the HELP INDEX statement cannot be used to determine whether or not the table or join index is partitioned.

Possible Values for ColumnPartitioningLevel

Value Description
Between 1 and 62 (inclusive) The level number for the column partitioning level, if ConstraintType is ‘Q’
0 There is no column partitioning or ConstraintType is not ‘Q’

Possible Values for ConstraintCollation

Value Description
U Use the session collation

Possible Values for DefinedCombinedPartitions

  • This is the product of the number of defined partitions for each level used.
  • Zero if ConstraintType is not ‘Q’
  • Cannot exceed MaxCombinedPartitions

If the partitioning is altered when a table is nonempty, this value can change to be smaller or larger provided that it does not exceed MaxCombinedPartitions.

Possible Values for MaxCombinedPartitions

  • Zero if ConstraintType is not ‘Q’
  • Greater than or equal to the DefinedCombinedPartitions column
  • Zero if DefinedCombinedPartitions is zero
The MaxCombinedPartitions column value cannot change for a nonempty table.

Possible Values for PartitioningLevels

Value Description
Between 1 and 62 (inclusive) The number of partitioning levels for the table or join index, if ConstraintType is ‘Q’.
0 The table or join index is not partitioned.