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Referenced Columns

Many of the Data Dictionary view columns have referenced table columns. That is, the value in the view column corresponds to a value in the selected column referenced in the table. It would be meaningful to join the view and the referenced table based on the selected column and the referenced column.

Referenced columns for this view are:

View Column Referenced Column
IndexNumber DBC.Indexes.IndexNumber


  • If more than one column or expression is specified, each column or expression is separated by a comma.
  • The maximum number of columns is 64.
  • If expressions are in the list, the maximum number of columns can be reduced past the limit of 64, depending on the combined total size of the text in the expressions.
  • If the combined total size of the expression text causes the maximum column limit to be less than the actual number of columns in the list, an error occurs.


If sampling is not used, the SampleSizePct column is set to 0 or 100.


The StatsSource column records the method by which this statistic is acquired. For information about the possible values for the StatsSource column, see "StatsSource Column."