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March 2019
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Information about each database object is stored in the system tables.

System tables cannot be directly modified and are used by the system to manage and maintain the integrity of the database.

Information in the system tables is used to create, access, modify and execute objects and user data stored in the Teradata Database.

The primary system tables include:

  • Dbase: This table contains information about every database installed on the system. Database information includes names associated with this database (for example, database name, owner name, and account name), timestamps, passwords, and so on.
  • DataBaseSpace: This table contains space allocation for each database.
  • TVM and TVFields: These two tables contain information about every table, view, macro and other objects that are stored in the databases.
  • Accessrights: This table contains all of the information about user permissions for each type object stored in the database.

Teradata Database supports the following database objects:

  • Stored Procedures written in SQL and external procedures written in C/C++ and Java.
  • User-defined types (UDTs), user-defined functions (UDFs), and user-defined methods (UDMs). These functions and methods provide you with the toolset to perform whatever type of processing and manipulation of data is required.

For detailed descriptions of these objects, see Database Objects.