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March 2019
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Rows in the ActionHistoryV[X] views represent map related actions that are currently running or have completed. The ActionHistoryTbl is updated by the mover procedure. After the mover takes an action from the ActionsTbl, it inserts a row into ActionHistoryTbl and sets its status to In Progress. After the action completes, the mover updates the status to Complete. These views are security zone constrained. ActionHistoryVX returns only the objects to which the user has access.


ActionListName contains a named list of actions of which this action is a member. See related Advisor procedure parameter OutputActionList and Mover procedure parameter TableActionList.


The fraction of free permanent space the table takes in the database. ALTER TABLE MAP takes twice the space during the operation, and this value indicates the fraction of free space that will be used.


PrevGroupsBytesPerSec indicates how many bytes per second were processed in the previous group of tables.


TableSize is the approximate size of table in bytes after the action completed.

HostId, SessionId, and WorkerId

The HostId is the host ID of the worker that wrote the row. The SessionId is the session ID of the worker that wrote the row.

The WorkerId is the ID of the worker that wrote the row:

Value Description
0 0 is the value of WorkerId for a serial move.
1 and above 1 and above indicates the number of parallel workers for a parallel move.

Possible Values for Action

Type of action to perform on the table.

Value Description
Alter Move existing table data to new destination map.

For example, use the ALTER statement to change the Action:

MAP = <DestinationMap> [COLOCATE USING [<ColocateName>];
Exclude Do not perform any action on this table for the specified destination map.

Possible Values for Issues

Value Description
Y Y indicates there are issues with this action. For details about what the issues are, see the ActionsTblDescription column.
N N indicates there are no issues.

Possible Values for Status

Type of action to perform on the table.

Value Description
Aborted The action was aborted by a restart or abort.
Complete The action was successfully completed.
InProgress The action is currently running, was aborted, or a database restart occurred during the move.
Failed The action failed. See related column ErrorCode for details.
Stopped An already queued action was stopped prior to executing.
Skipped The action was skipped and not started because its estimated elapsed time was greater than the time remaining in the caller’s specified TimeLimit. If TableName is non-NULL, the individual table was skipped. If Tablename is NULL and GroupOrder is non-NULL, all of the tables within the specified group were skipped.