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March 2019
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The MapsV[X] view returns map information. The MapsV view returns information for all maps in the system. The MapsVX view only returns maps to which the user has access.

ContiguousStartAmp and ContiguousEndAmp

ContiguousStartAMP and ContiguousEndAMP are the lowest and highest AMP numbers for a contiguous map. For a sparse map, they are the same as its parent contiguous map's starting and ending AMPs. For the contiguous maps created by a system initialization or upgrade, ContiguousStartAMP is set to zero and ContiguousEndAMP to NumberOfAMPs for the contiguous map minus one. Contiguous maps may have a different range of values.

MapName, MapSlot

MapName is the name of the map. MapNames start with TD_, such as TD_Map1, for contiguous maps. The MapName for sparse maps created by CREATE MAP is not allowed to start with TD_.

Mapslot is the physical number of the map. Valid values for MapSlot range from 0 to 63.

Possible Values for FallbackKind

Value Description
D Dedicated fallback. With dedicated fallback, one AMP in the cluster contains a backup copy for another AMP's data in the cluster.
L Legacy fallback. With legacy fallback each AMP, in the cluster contains a backup copy of a portion of the primary data for every other AMP in the cluster.

Possible Values for MapKind

Value Description
C Contiguous map.
S Sparse map.

Possible Values for SystemDefault

SystemDefault returns Y if the map is the system-default map; N otherwise.

Possible Values for SystemDefined

Value Description
Y The map is created during a system initialization (sysinit), reconfiguration, DIP, or an upgrade to Teradata Database 16.0 or later.
N The map is created by CREATE MAP.