16.20 - Software_Event_LogV - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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Teradata Database
Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine
Release Number
March 2019
English (United States)
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Category: Operations

Database: DBC

View Column Data Type Format Comment
TheDate DATE NOT NULL YY/MM/DD Returns the calendar date on which the event was logged.
TheTime FLOAT NOT NULL 99:99:99.99 The Software_Event_LogV.TheTime field gives the time of the event in the form hh:mm:ss.
Event_Tag INTEGER NOT NULL Z99-99999-99 The Software_Event_LogV.Event_Tag field has the form of 10 digit decimal rbbeeeeehh: r 0..3 reserved bb 0..99 Subsystem ID eeeee 0..99999 Event ID- Unique error code hh 0..99 Event Subcategory
Category BYTEINT -(3)9 Shows the category code assigned to a software event.
Severity SMALLINT -(5)9 The Severity option returns a code identifying the severity of a software event.
PMA INTEGER ZZZ9-9999 Identifies the Processor Module Assembly (PMA) on which the event occurred.
Vproc INTEGER -(10)9 Identifies the virtual processor for which an event was logged.
Partition BYTEINT -(3)9 Returns the name of the Teradata Database partition to which the user is currently attached.
Task SMALLINT -(5)9 Returns the unique task number assigned to each task as it is created for execution.
TheFunction VARCHAR(32) LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC X(32) Returns the identification string for the entity reporting a software event.
SW_Version VARCHAR(64) LATIN NOT CASESPECIFIC X(64) The Software_Event_LogV.SW_Version field is the version number of OS or TPA.
Line BYTEINT NOT NULL -(3)9 Text line number for a multi-line error message.
Text VARCHAR(30000) UNICODE NOT CASESPECIFIC NOT NULL X(30000) (Title: Message Text) Text for the logged event.