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Teradata Vantage™ Data Dictionary

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March 2019
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The TableToSparseMapSizingV[X] views identify which map a table should be in. For example, TableToSparseMapSizingV[X] might show that tables in a contiguous map are recommended to move to a particular sparse map. Note that the size of a table’s table header row depends on the description of the table. That information is not available to the view so an estimate is used. Because this is only an estimate, the recommended tables to move should be reviewed.

Referenced Columns

Many of the Data Dictionary view columns have referenced table columns. That is, the value in the view column corresponds to a value in the selected column referenced in the table. It would be meaningful to join the view and the referenced table based on the selected column and the referenced column.

Referenced columns for this view are:

View Column Referenced Column
DatabaseName Dbase.DatabaseName
TableName TVM.TVMName

CurrentMap and RecommendedMap

CurrentMap is the map the object is currently in. RecommendedMap is the map to which the object should be moved.