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The data type of an ARRAY element can be any Teradata data type except for the following:
  • BLOB
  • CLOB
  • LOB UDTs (both distinct and structured types)
  • Geospatial
  • Parameter data types, such as TD_ANYTYPE or VARIANT_TYPE

    Note that you cannot specify an ARRAY data type as the element type of an ARRAY type.

The following online HELP statement lists all of the valid element data types for an ARRAY data type:

HELP 'array_data_type declarations';
In accordance with Teradata internationalization plans, KANJI1 support is deprecated and is to be discontinued in the near future. KANJI1 is not allowed as a default character set; the system changes the KANJI1 default character set to the UNICODE character set. Creation of new KANJI1 objects is highly restricted. Although many KANJI1 queries and applications may continue to operate, sites using KANJI1 should convert to another character set as soon as possible.