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Consider the following 1-D ARRAY data type and table.

CREATE TYPE item_price AS DECIMAL(7,2) ARRAY[20];
CREATE TABLE inventory (itemkind INTEGER,
                        regular_price item_price,
                        sale_price item_price);

When evaluating the following query, each element value of the regular_price array is added. The total sum of all the element values is then divided by the number of elements in the regular_price array.

SELECT ARRAY_AVG(regular_price) FROM inventory;

In the following query, ARRAY_AVG adds each element within the specified scope of the regular_price array. The result is a scalar value representing the total sum of adding the affected element values of regular_price divided by the total number of elements composing the specified scope.

SELECT ARRAY_AVG(regular_price, 5, 10)FROM inventory;