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July 2021
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The following table is a nonexhaustive list of formats for presenting an output timestamp in field mode, where the data is 85/09/12 13:20:53.64+03:00.

FORMAT Phrase Result
FORMAT 'MM/DD/YYBHH:MIBT' 85/09/12 01:20 PM
FORMAT 'MMMBDD,BYYBHH:MI:SS' Sep 12, 85 13:20:53
FORMAT 'E3,BM4BDD,BY4BHH:MI:SSDS(F)' Thu, September 12, 1985 13:20:53.64
FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DDBHH:MI:SSDS(F)Z' 1985-09-12 13:20:53.64+03:00