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You have the choice of managing statistics collection manually or allowing Vantage to do it for you. To configure the Teradata system to automatically manage the statistics for one or more databases, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Use the Teradata Viewpoint Stats Manager portlet to identify the databases and tables whose statistics should be automated. Alternatively, directly call the Automate-related APIs available in the TDStats database.
  2. Use the Teradata Viewpoint Stats Manager portlet to define jobs that collect the statistics identified in step 1. Consider defining Analyze jobs to identify additional statistics beneficial to query optimization. Alternatively, directly call Collect and Analyze-related APIs in the TDSTATS database.
  3. If you defined Analyze jobs in step 2, enable the STATSUSAGE logging option via the BEGIN QUERY LOGGING statement for users or applications that access the objects identified in step 1.
  4. Schedule the Collect and Analyze jobs defined in step 2 using either the Teradata Viewpoint Stats Manager portlet or a different scheduling tool (for example, Cron).

For more information, see Teradata Vantage™ - Application Programming Reference, B035-1090, Viewpoint documentation, and the Teradata Orange Book for Automated Statistics Management, 541-0009628.