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June 2020
English (United States)
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Table Rebuild is a utility that repairs data corruption. It does so by rebuilding tables on a specific AMP vproc based on data located on the other AMP vprocs in the fallback cluster.

Table Rebuild can rebuild data in the following subsets:

  • The primary or fallback portion of a table
  • An entire table (both primary and fallback portions)
  • All tables in a database
  • All tables that reside on an AMP vproc

Table Rebuild performs differently based on the type of table (for example, fallback or not).

Type of Table Action
Fallback Tables Delete the table header (one row table which defines a user data table)

Delete specified portion of the table being rebuilt

Rebuild the table header

Rebuild the specified portion of the table

Non-fallback Tables Delete the table header.

Rebuild the table header.

Permanent Journal Tables Delete data for the table being rebuilt.

Rebuild the table header.

Locks the table pending rebuild.

You must restore non-fallback data.
You can start REBUILD when the failed AMP has been fixed and brought back to the OFFLINE state.