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June 2020
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The following tools monitor session and TDP activity on mainframe-connected clients.
  • HSI timestamp – Host System Interface (HSI) timestamps tell you when TDP receives a request, when the request parcel is sent to or queued for Vantage, and when the response parcel is received from Vantage.
  • TDPUTCE – TDP User Transaction Collection Exit (TDPUTCE) collects statistics about all of the requests and responses controlled by the TDP, including user, session/request parcels, timestamps, request type, and request/response parcels.
  • Your site is responsible for processing and analyzing the data collected by TDPUTCE.
  • z/OS System Management Facility (SMF) is a feature in the z/OS operating system that can record accounting and performance information, such as:
    • Statistical information about the processing activity of a PE recorded at shutdown.
    • Log-off session information.
    • Logon violations and security violations records.
    • Statistical data about the processing activity of the TDP, recorded at shutdown.
    • Statistical information about the processing activity of a Channel Processor (CP) either recorded at shutdown or started with the Channel Communication Unit (CCU) operand.

For more information on TDP, see Teradata® Director Program Reference, B035-2416.