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Teradata Customer Support may need to debug crashdumps. Teradata Customer Support can use the system debugger to access the raw dumps before they are saved to the Crashdump table (even if the PDE and DBS are not up and running). This saves time and helps Teradata personnel identify problems more quickly.

If someone from Teradata Customer Support needs to immediately debug a problem by looking at a raw dump rather than wait for the system to save it to the Crashdumps table, they can use the raw flavor commands of the system debugger.

If your assistance is required, a Teradata Customer Support representative may direct you to use the commands listed in the following table.

Command Description
set crash-database Sets the Teradata system to the one on which you would like to view saved dumps.
This does not set the location for raw dumps.
info rawdumps Displays a list of dumps in the raw dump directory of the node.
info dbmdumps Displays a list of dumps in the dbm dump repository of the node.
info dbsdumps


info dumps

Displays a list of the dumps on the node.

Note that the “set crash-database” command may have been used to point to a crashdumps database on a different machine than the one on which the debugger utility is running. The info dbsdumps command is only available with the DBS flavor of dumps.

attach rawdump crashdumpname Attaches the named raw dump in the node's raw directory.
attach dbsdump crashdumpname


attach dump crashdumpname

Attaches the named DBS dump or crashdump in the Teradata DBS crashdumps database. For example,
(gdb) attach dump Crash_20040704_160628_01