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March 2019
English (United States)
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Teradata Vantage
Date Description
March 2019 Made the following changes for this release:
  • Added the MAP Advisor procedures CreateExpansionMaps and PostExpansionAction, which allow customers to model map moves before a system expansion.
  • Corrected the output parameters in four MAPS examples.
  • Made sure the database administrator name DBADMIN is used consistently.
  • Documented the limit of 50 external roles.
  • CAST the data type to FLOAT in the examples of querying the DiskSpaceV view to find system space issues. The underlying Data Dictionary tables changed from FLOAT to BIGINT data type in a prior release.
April 2018 Made the following changes for this release:
  • Explained that the NO FALLBACK option and the NO FALLBACK default are not available on platforms optimized for fallback. Removed recommendations to use NO FALLBACK. Removed the NO FALLBACK option from examples.
  • Added the USECOUNT option to the FLUSH QUERY LOGGING statement. This option flushes object use counts to the DBC.ObjectUsage table.
  • Added a new topic "Changing DBQL Cache Size." You can now change how much data DBQL caches hold before writing to Data Dictionary tables. Cache size also determines whether DBQL uses 64 KB or 1 MB data blocks for disk writes.
  • Updated text to show that default database query logging (DBQL) counts the number of rows inserted, updated, and deleted by a request.
  • Reflected table schema changes in several DBQL topics:
    • Updated the instructions and examples in Shredding the Data in the DBQLXMLLockTbl.
    • Replaced Output of Shredding.
    • Added a new topic: Investigating Deadlocks: Querying Shredded_LockTbl.
  • Removed the DBQL tables and views. Teradata recommends that customers use the DBQL views, which are shown in Views Reference in Teradata Vantage™ Data Dictionary, B035-1092.
  • Added two topics DBQL Tables and DBQL Views listing the tables and views and their purpose.
  • Added the following information on archiving Data Dictionary log data to PDCR history tables and cleaning up the log files:
    • Instructions for setup.
    • Description of what the Teradata Viewpoint Performance Data Collection portlet jobs do.
    • A table contrasting different methods of log maintenance.
November 2017 Made the following changes for this release:
  • Added extensive information about saving crashdumps to stream files.
  • Added these tables generated by LockLogShredder.SP_CreateTable() to the DBQL section: Shredded_LockTbl (blocking transaction lock shredding target table) and Shredded_TransTbl (blocked transaction lock shredding target table).
  • Added information on Bulk Qualification Enhancements to the DBQL section.
  • Removed content about the Archive/Restore utility, which is not compatible with Teradata Database MAPS Architecture.
  • Removed the section TDMaps Databases and Views. This now appears only in Teradata Vantage™ Data Dictionary, B035-1092.
  • Removed references to the DULTAPE utility, which is not supported in Release 16.20.
  • Explained that the DBQL lock logging rule active when a session logs on is applied for the duration of the session, even if lock logging is disabled or enabled afterward.