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July 2021
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This section summarizes the benefits, best uses, and restrictions of multivalue compression in Vantage.

Benefits of Multivalue Compression

  • Minimal performance decrement for compressing or decompressing values
  • Reduced I/O for table scans, spooling result sets, and data loads
  • Reduced I/O for cached tables because more smaller tables can be cached, eliminating I/O operations on those tables
  • Valid for most commonly used data types
  • Spools retain the multivalue compression of their base tables
  • Can be specified for permanent, global temporary, and volatile table columns
  • Automatically compresses nulls
  • Easily and complementarily combined with algorithmic compression
  • Easily combined with block-level and temperature-based block-level compression and autocompression for column-partitioned tables and join indexes

Best Use of Multivalue Compression

  • Very wide columns
  • Columns with few distinct values
  • Columns in large tables
  • Tables having a large number of rows with repeating values
  • Tables having a large number of rows with default values
  • Columns having a constant distribution of values across time

Restrictions and Limitations of Multivalue Compression

  • Requires extensive data analysis prior to implementation
  • Can compress a maximum of only 255 different characters per column
  • The more values compressed per row, the more presence bits in the row header are required, which increases the row size
  • Affects table header size
  • Cannot specify for primary index or primary AMP index columns
  • Cannot for the partitioning columns of a partitioning expression
  • Can specify on secondary index columns, but the column data in the secondary index subtable is not multivalue compressed
  • Columns with many unique or nearly unique values cannot benefit from multivalue compression
  • A given multivalue compression scheme can become less useful across time if the values in the table change significantly