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The term transaction is used very loosely in the context of the Application form. Any of the following activities equates to a transaction.
  • Report
  • Single-row SELECT query
  • Batch load job
The Application form has two purposes.
  • Identify the transactions for each application in the system to estimate run frequencies and volumes.
  • Provide input to the physical design of the database.

This form supports the fourth step in the ATM process (see Goals of the ATM Process).

Estimating Run Frequency and Duration

A typical business year has the following characteristics:

Attribute Count
Number of business days per week                     5
Number of hours per business day                     8
Number of business weeks                   52
Number of business days per year                 260
Number of business hours per year              2,080

For each transaction, estimate the typical and peak run frequencies and identify when the action is performed and the duration of its performance.

The task is to estimate parameters for each identified transaction. The parameters to be estimated are the following.
  • Normal (nonpeak period) run frequency
  • Peak period run frequency
  • Point in the business cycle when the peak period occurs
  • Duration of the peak period

Example: Transactions for the Order Tracking Application

The following example form models some of the transactions for the Order Tracking application:

Application ELDM Page: 1

Page:     of

System: PTS
Application ID:   Ord____      Application Name:  Order Entry______
Application Description:  Generates and tracks part orders_________________
    Run Frequencies
Transaction ID Transaction Name Typical Peak When Length Total
OrdCl Close an order 50/day 75/day EOQ 2 weeks 14 800
      100/day EOY 4 weeks  
OrdCn Cancel an order 1/quarter N/A N/A N/A          4
OrdD Delete closed orders 1/month N/A First day of month N/A        12