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  1. Define all domains and constraints.
  2. Identify all applications.
  3. Model application processing activities including their transactions and run frequencies.
  4. Model each transaction using the following information.
    1. Identify tables used.
    2. Identify columns required for value and join access.
    3. Estimate qualifying cardinalities.
  5. Summarize value and join access information across all transactions.
  6. Add data demographics to the Table Access Summary by Columns report.
    • Table cardinalities
    • Column value distributions (histograms)
    • Column change ratings

The following table indicates the activities of this process and the forms required to complete each activity.

 Step                                               Action                 Form Used
1 Define all domains in the system. Domains
2 Define all constraints for the system. Constraints
3 Identify all applications in the system. System
4 Model each identified application. Application
5 Model each identified transaction. Report/Query Analysis
6 Summarize all value and join accesses.
7 Transfer access information. Table
8 Compile or estimate data demographic information.
9 Identify column change ratings.

Note that row sizing calculations are covered in Row Size Calculation.