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A system is a set of application programs, or applications, grouped by business function. Applications are grouped into systems because each cluster of applications typically serves a different user community within the enterprise.

In terms of ATM, an application is a major business function. Each application is implemented by a set of transactions (see Application Form).

Ensuring that applications are clustered into the appropriate systems is the most important activity undertaken during this stage of the ATM process. The information described by the System form is generic and applies irrespective of the eventual physical implementation of the database.

The System form has two purposes:
  • Identify all applications, grouping them by their business system.
  • Provide input to the Application and Table forms.

This form supports the third step in the ATM process (see Goals of the ATM Process).

Information Recorded

Information Recorded Description
ELDM Page Page of the Extended Logical Data Model to which this system pertains.
System Name Name of the business system in which the applications using this constraint are defined.
System Description Brief description of the function of the system.
Application ID Unique identifier for the application being documented.
Application Name Full text name of the application being documented.
User Contacts Names and other useful information pertaining to principal users of the application.

Example: System Form

System ELDM Page: 1

Page: ___of ___

System: PTS
System Name:          Part Tracking System (PTS)                                                       
System Description:      Tracks current status and history of each part over its lifetime.              
Application ID Application Name User Contacts
Cust Customer tracking Joy Calder X829
PCat Part categories Bill Alpert
Rpt Parts reporting Hall Werts