17.10 - CPU Considerations on Different Teradata Platforms - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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Because software-based BLC is CPU-intensive, consider the CPU capabilities of the particular Teradata platform when using it. When using BLC on Teradata appliance systems with a very high CPU capacity, you can:
  • Apply BLC to all allowable types of data.
  • Load and access data at any time, because there is enough available CPU to frequently decompress data.
When using software-based BLC on other platforms with less CPU capacity, you may need to:
  • Load tables during off-peak hours.
  • Limit access to compressed tables during critical throughput periods.

Some operations (including queries, insert/updates, dump/restores, reconfig, and CheckTable) can use considerably more CPU while operating on compressed tables. Unless the system is very CPU rich, these operations will impact other workloads and could lengthen elapsed response times.