17.10 - Determining the Status of a Table Check - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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To determine the status of the current table check type status at the CheckTable command prompt. For more information, see STATUS.

For example, assume that the table check in progress specifies database DB0 with tables t1, t10, t100, t1000, and t11. The following table shows the results for Parallel and Serial modes.

Mode Result Example
     >>> STATUS: CheckTable running in PARALLEL mode.
                 5 CheckTable tasks started.
                 4 CheckTable tasks ACTIVE.
                 1 CheckTable tasks IDLE.
                 1000005  bytes spool space in use.
                     120  bytes spool space available.
   Task   Status
   ****   **********************************
    1     Checking data subtable ("DB0"."T1").
    2     Checking data subtable ("DB0"."T10").
    3     Checking data subtable ("DB0"."T100").
    4     Waiting for a read lock on table
          ("DB0"."T1000"). 0 lock retry(s), total
           wait time of 1.4 minute(s).
These results indicate that CheckTable started five parallel checks:
  • Three CheckTable tasks are checking the data subtable of tables DB0.T1, DB0.T10, and DB0.T100.
  • One CheckTable task is waiting for a read lock on table DB0.T1000.
  • One CheckTable task is paused because of insufficient resources.
>>>> STATUS: Checking data subtable ("DB0"."T10").

This indicates that CheckTable is checking the data subtable of the table DB0.T10.