17.10 - MODIFY - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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English (United States)

Modifies the value of the writable DBS Control Record fields.

Use the DISPLAY GroupName command to return the field numbers for a particular group.


{ MODIFY | M } [ GroupName field# = value ]

Syntax Elements

Indicates which of the following groups the MODIFY command is directed towards:
  • GENERAL (for general fields)
  • FILESYS (for file system fields)
  • PERFORMANCE (for performance fields)
  • CHECKSUM (for checksum fields)
  • STORAGE (for default storage temperatures)
  • STATISTICS (for optimizer statistics fields)
  • COMPRESSION (for block-level compression fields)

You can type the first few characters that uniquely identify each GroupName rather than the entire name.

Specifies the name of the field to receive the new value.
Specifies the new value of the specified field.
In most cases, this is a decimal value. For Boolean fields, use TRUE or T and FALSE or F. All values are checked against the valid range of values of the respective field.

Usage Notes

  • Use of the MODIFY command alone does not affect the current system GDO. The MODIFY command indicates when any changes made will become effective, either after the next database restart or after the DBS Control Record has been written.
  • If you omit the options, DBS Control explicitly prompts for the group name, field number, and the new value of the field.
  • Changes to the configuration settings are logged automatically. A history of the changes made to the GDO can be viewed using the gdomview command-line tool from the system console. The gdomview online documentation is accessible from a system console using the man and pdehelp commands.

Example: Modifying a DBS Control field value

The following example shows how to modify the Deadlock Timeout field:

Enter a command, HELP, or QUIT:

The DeadlockTimeout field has been modified from 240 to 600.

NOTE: This change will become effective after the next DBS restart.