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July 2021
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Specifies the specific implementation of the ZLIB algorithm that Vantage will use for block-level compression (BLC)

In addition to the standard ZLIB implementation, Vantage supports the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives library (Intel IPP) with ZLIB for BLC. The CompressionZLIBMethod field determines whether BLC takes advantage of advanced instructions for better compression performance on Intel platforms.

Field Group


Valid Settings

Setting Description
ZLIB Vantage uses the standard ZLIB library for BLC.
IPPZLIB Vantage uses the Intel IPP library for ZLIB BLC.

If the Intel IPP library is not installed, or an error is encountered, standard ZLIB is used instead.



Changes Take Effect

After the DBS Control Record has been written. Changed setting applies to new data added to tables. Compression for existing data is not changed until that data is modified.

Usage Notes

BLC enables data compression at the data block (DB) level of the Teradata file system. Compression reduces the amount of storage required for a given amount of data. The BlockLevelCompression field of DBS Control enables and disables BLC.

Data compressed with IPPZLIB can be uncompressed with either IPPZLIB or standard ZLIB.

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