17.10 - DBQLLogLastResp - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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Release Date
July 2021
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English (United States)

Determines whether DBQL logs a pseudo step labeled “RESP” in the DBQLStepTbl table when the last response to a DBQL logged request is completed. This can be used together with the FirstRespTime log entry in the DBQLogTbl to calculate the approximate response time experienced by the client.

Field Group


Valid Settings

Setting Description
TRUE DBQL logs a pseudo step labeled RESP to the DBQLStepTbl when the last response of a DBQL logged request is complete.
FALSE DBQL does not log a RESP pseudo step for completed requests.



Changes Take Effect

After the DBS Control Record has been written.

Usage Notes

This field is effective only when DBQL logging is enabled. The RESP pseudo step entry is logged for every query that is logged to the DBQL default table, regardless of whether STEPINFO or other DBQL options are requested.

When enabled, the RESP pseudo step is logged even if the request aborts or experiences an error. It indicates when the logged request ends for any reason.

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