17.10 - ExternalAuthentication - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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Release Date
July 2021
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English (United States)

Controls whether Vantage users can be authenticated outside (external) of the Vantage software authentication system.

Field Group


Valid Settings

Setting Description
0 (ON) External authentication sessions and traditional logons are accepted.
1 (OFF) External authentication sessions are rejected; traditional logons are accepted.
2 (ONLY) External authentication sessions are accepted; traditional logons are rejected.


0 (On)

Changes Take Effect

After the DBS Control Record has been written.

Usage Notes

The SET EXTAUTH database command duplicates the functionality of the ExternalAuthentication DBS Control field.

Related Information

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the SET EXTAUTH command Database Window (xdbw).
configuring how the network allows or disallows traditional and new external authentication logons Gateway Control (gtwcontrol).