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July 2021
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Determines whether the Teradata Intelligent Memory (TIM) cache preload task is throttled during system startup to allow other I/O operations to complete first.

The TIM preload task loads the most frequently accessed data into the TIM cache (a portion of FSG cache) during system startup, after the logons-enabled stage. This allows faster access to this data.

This field applies only when FSG cache is not otherwise preserved across a system reset, such as when the tpareset -x or -f options are used to force a reset.

Field Group


Valid Settings

Setting Description
TRUE TIM background cache preload process is throttled. It only loads VERYHOT cylinders into cache when the database I/O subsystem is idle. This can improve startup performance on busy systems.
FALSE TIM background loading task is unthrottled, and loads VERYHOT cylinders into cache immediately after the system startup sequence reaches the logons-enabled stage. This is the default.



Changes Take Effect

During the next Teradata system restart.

Usage Notes

Frequency of data access is monitored by Vantage. Cylinders containing the most frequently accessed data are designated to have a data temperature of VERYHOT. These cylinders are loaded into the TIM cache during system startup.

Related Information

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