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July 2021
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The utility described is not available for as-a-service customers.
The Database Initialization Program, dip (abbreviated throughout the documentation as DIP), is a series of executable SQL script files packaged with Advanced SQL Engine. Each DIP script creates one or more database objects for or used by the following:
  • Advanced SQL Engine:
    • To implement a feature, such as security access logging, client character sets, and calendar arithmetic.
    • To store system information, such as PDE crashdumps, resource usage, query text, and error message text.
  • Users:
    • To view the contents of the Data Dictionary (system catalog) tables.
    • To generate system reports, such as resource usage statistics

DIP allows you to execute one, several, or all script files, which create a variety of database objects. The most commonly needed DIP scripts are executed during Advanced SQL Engine installation, but you can run the DIP utility at any time to add optional features.