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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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English (United States)

Revokes CNS permissions from a user who is not a member of the tdtrusted user group. Members of tdtrusted implicitly have a non-revocable CNS permissions.


REVOKE username@host permission_list

Syntax Elements

logon name of the user accessing CNS for whom you want to revoke permissions.
network host name of the computer on which that user is logged on.
list of supervisor privileges to be revoked, separated by spaces. For a list of the available privileges, see GRANT.

Usage Notes

The REVOKE command only affects future DBW sessions. You must stop the DBW session and then restart it for the updated permissions to take effect.

If interactive permission is revoked, then it is removed from the GRANT list if it exists there. If interactive permission has been granted, it is added to the GRANT list. To grant interactive permissions, see GRANT.

Example: Revoking a CNS privilege from a specified user

In this example, the following CNS permissions: START, STOP, and LOGONS, and interactive utilities: DBS Control and Vproc Manager, are revoked from connection-ID jsmith@isdn1954.

revoke jsmith@isdn1954 start logons interactive (dbscontrol vprocmanager)

CNSSUPV: permissions for jsmith@isdn1954 updated
jsmith@isdn1954: set log restart abort interactive
                 Revoked Utilities: dbscontrol vprocmanager