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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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The SEE command provides a summary of the processors and error codes captured in a dump.

The information, which you retrieve from the dump table, helps you confirm system failure information forwarded to the Teradata Support Center.

Information about tables with the _L, _C, and _M suffixes is not returned.


SEE [ database. ] table ;

Syntax Elements

Database in which the table resides.
Table that contains dump information.

Example: Displaying the processors and error codes from a dump

To access a specific dump table, type the following:

see crashdumps.Crash_20000412_194517_02;

The following appears:

*** Looking at crashdumps.Crash_20000412_194517_02.
*** Query completed. One row found. 7 columns returned.

 the node number is 1024
 the instigating node is 1024
 the time the error occurred is Wed April 12 19:45:17 2000
 the event is 12140, severity is 40 and category 10
  Severity = UserError
  Category = User