17.10 - Saving Linux Dumps to Removable Media - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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Use the Linux commands below to save a dump to removable media. Each site is different, so the exact commands, file names, and device names will vary.

To save the dump from one node to another that has a tape drive, do the following:

  1. After the node where the dump occurred has been recovered and is up and running, save the dump to a disk file.

    For example:

    csp -mode save -target stream

    For a full description of the csp command, see the man page or pdehelp for csp.
  2. After the file is written to disk, FTP the dumpfile to the node with the tape drive.
  3. After you have FTPed the dumpfile to the node with the tape drive, copy the file to tape:

    dd if=input_dumpfile of=output_device_or_file bs=block_size_bytes

    For a description of the dd command, see the Linux man page for the command.
  4. If necessary, perform step 3 again until all of the dump files are on the tape. Then remember to use the “no rewind on open” and “no rewind on close” tape device options.

Use standard operating system commands to burn the dump file to removable optical media, such as DVD.