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The INPUT command informs Ferret to read commands from a file you specify rather than from the default input file STDIN.


{ INPUT | IN } FROM file
The name of a file you specify as the source of command input to Ferret.

Usage Notes

When you first start Ferret, it accepts input from the STDIN file by default. Using the INPUT command, you can redirect input from any file you specify.

The input file must be located on the node that runs the control AMP. To determine which node is running the control AMP, use the STATUS command of the Vproc Manager utility. The control AMP is designated under the Logical Configuration with an asterisk.

When Ferret reaches the end of the file you specify, Ferret again accepts input from you, if the file does not instruct Ferret to quit.

You can nest the INPUT command inside command files to a maximum of nine files deep.

Example: Directing Ferret to read input commands from a file

The following command example shows the format for redirecting input from a file in a specific directory:

Ferret ==>
Input from /home/user1/commands