17.10 - Selecting an Optimal Value for FSP - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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The optimal amount of free space to leave on cylinders is highly dependent on the individual mix of workload, tables, and applications in use by a site.

Because of the way PACKDISK packs cylinders, some cylinders might still be fragmented after the procedure completes. If this happens, use the DEFRAGMENT command to defragment the cylinder. For information, see DEFRAGMENT. The scope for PACKDISK can be either VPROC or TABLE (but not both).

The SHOWFSP command helps estimate the effectiveness of PACKDISK commands by providing information regarding cylinder utilization. In particular, you can use SHOWFSP to find loosely packed tables.

The SHOWFSP command displays table names and space utilization for those tables that would free or consume some number of cylinders if PACKDISK is executed at a particular FSP. For information, see SHOWFSP. The scope can include one or more tables, one or more vprocs, or the entire system.

For general guidelines for selecting optimal FSP values, see FreeSpacePercent.

For additional guidelines for selecting an appropriate value for FSP, see Teradata Vantage™ - Database Administration, B035-1093.