17.10 - Syntax Elements - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
English (United States)
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The class of tables for the scope of a subsequent command.
Classes are subtable ranges, so if a command requires tables in the recorded scope, you may specify a CLASS on the SCOPE command.
CLASS Description
JRNL Specifies the permanent journal tables containing non-visible user data.
PERMANENT Specifies the permanent tables containing visible user data.
TEMPORARY Specifies the temporary worktables (global temporary table instances) containing non-permanent data.
PSPOOL Specifies the work tables containing non-permanent data that persist across restarts.
SPOOL Specifies the intermediate worktables containing non-permanent data.
ALL Specifies all the table classes in the configuration.
The cylinders that are to be acted upon only by a subsequent DEFRAGMENT command. No other command uses the CYLINDER SCOPE.
A SCOPE command with CYLINDER arguments must also include VPROC arguments to be valid.
CYLINDER Description
cylid Specifies the cylinder ID number, a 16-character hexadecimal value.
ALL Specifies all the cylinders in the vproc.
The range of AMP vproc ID numbers, or all AMPs in the current configuration that are to be acted upon by a subsequent command.
VPROC Description
vproc_number specifies a single AMP vprocID number or a range of numbers.

Valid AMP vproc ID numbers are from 0 to 16199. There is no default. If you type a vproc identifier that is assigned to a non-AMP vproc, Ferret issues an error.

Ferret also informs you when you select a vproc number assigned to a down AMP.
ALL Specifies all the AMP vprocs in the configuration. VPROC ALL is synonymous with MAP ALL
Similar to VPROC, however it scopes to the AMPs included in the specified contiguous maps. Map names must be enclosed in double-quotation marks. MAP ALL is synonymous with VPROC ALL.
If you try to set SCOPE to a sparse map, the effective Ferret scope is set to the range of AMPs in the parent contiguous map of the sparse map.
The subtables that are to be acted upon by a subsequent command.
TABLE Description
tid Specifies the subtable to process.
The typeandindex component of tid is required. For more information on tid formatting, refer to Using Ferret Parameters.
ALL Specifies all the subtables in the configuration.
The WAL log.
to reset SCOPE to the default startup settings of Ferret. The initial scope will consist, as appropriate to each command, of all tables, all cylinders, all vprocs, and the WAL log.