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July 2021
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The SHOWWHERE command displays information about cylinder allocation and temperature.

The CreateFsysInfoTable and PopulateFsysInfoTable macros provide a way to generate SHOWWHERE-like file system information to an SQL table. The tdheatmap table function provides a frequency-of-access report for database objects on a per-AMP basis. For more information about file system information macros and functions, see Teradata Vantage™ - SQL Operators and User-Defined Functions, B035-1210.


{ SHOWWHERE | SHOWW } [ /S | /M | /L ]

Syntax Elements

Displays a summary listing of the cylinders showing one line for every cylinder type .
This is the default.
Displays a medium length listing of the cylinders with one line for every cylinder type per AMP (vproc).
Displays a long listing of the cylinders with one line for every cylinder type per AMP (vproc) per storage device.

Usage Notes

Display output is limited to cylinders in the current scope (one or more vprocs, tables, or the WAL log), defined with the SCOPE command. If no scope has been specified, SHOWWHERE shows information for all cylinders.

If temperature information is not available for the current scope, SHOWWHERE returns an error.

If local storage for spool is configured and there is at least one spool cylinder allocated in that storage class, LOCAL will display in the output lines for SPOOL and SPOOL POOL.