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July 2021
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The KILL USER command terminates all logged on sessions for the specified user name restricted to the host group of the gateway. KILL USER aborts any active requests on those sessions and logs the sessions off.


{ KILL | KI } { USER | US } user_name

Syntax Elements

Name of the user.
To list the possible values for user_name, use DISPLAY GTW or DISPLAY SESSION.

Usage Notes

Aborting an outstanding request can take a significant amount of time. Killing a session or a user’s sessions does not necessarily free up the resources of those sessions immediately.

Before using the KILL USER command, select the host group from which the session is running using the SELECT HOST command. For more information, see SELECT HOST.

The KILL USER command leaves an audit trail in the gateway log files, which shows the vproc that the kill was issued on and the session number of the user being killed. Because the attempt might be denied by Vantage, only the attempt is logged:

Gtwglobal issued kill command:
gtwassign.c @3205 (867): Fri Apr 18 13:39:01 2008
VprocId: 8193 Session Number: 1009

Example: Terminating all sessions for a specified user

kill us perm01
User PERM01 has 1 session killed