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July 2021
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The HELP command provides general help for Lock Display.


{ HELP | H | ? }

Example: Lock Display Help

The following example shows the first portion of the basic Lock Display Help:

-> Please enter your selection from the list:


An optional command string may be used to limit the display to specific 
requests; otherwise, all requests are displayed except for BLOCKERS.

Commands are case-insensitive and may be abbreviated.  The default radix 
for numeric entries is hex, but may be forced to decimal by terminating 
with a period. For example, ten decimal must be entered as "10.", since 
an unmodified "10" is interpreted in hex as 0x10 or sixteen decimal.

For the TRAN command, a set of lines displayed represents one lock 

Only object names relevant to a given lock request are displayed: for 
example, only database name is displayed for a database lock, whereas 
both database name and table name are displayed for a table lock. A "#" 
after an object name means the lock has not yet been granted for that 
level. For example, "Databasename  Tablename# Rowhash1#" means the lock 
has been granted at database level, but not yet at table or rowhash level.

--more-- Please press <enter> to continue.