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Parallel Database Extensions (PDE) is a software interface layer that lies between the operating system and Advanced SQL Engine. PDE supports the parallelism across system nodes that contributes to Advanced SQL Engine speed and linear scalability. Many diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities work at the PDE level.

PDE tools are a collection of PDE-level utilities that come with Advanced SQL Engine. They are not documented in Utilities because PDE tools have online documentation accessible from a system console using the "man" and "pdehelp" commands.

This section presents a list of some of the useful PDE tools you can use. These tools and more are located in the /usr/pde/bin directory.

Not all of the PDE tools are suitable for customer use without appropriate guidance from the Teradata Support Center. Consult with Teradata Support before running PDE tools that are not listed here.
PDE Tool Name Description
ampload Displays the AMP vproc usage of AMP Worker Tasks (AWTs) onAdvanced SQL Engine, representing the load on each AMP vproc
awtmon Collects and displays a user-friendly summary of the AMP Worker Task (AWT) in-use count snapshots for the local node or all nodes
cnsterm PDE Console Subsystem Terminal
cnstool PDE Console Subsystem Tool
controlgdo Displays Control GDO contents
csp Crashdump Save Program
cspclean Clean up Crashdump Save Program's run time environment
cspinfo Crashdump Save Program Information display utility
csppeek Display useful information from a PDE dump
cspstop Graceful shut down of the Crashdump Save Program
cspwake Awaken the Crashdump Save Program
dmpbust Decode PDE dump files
evtool Displays the event message text for any event message provided by EMF
gdomview Displays entries from the GDO changes log, to show configuration setting changes that were made to dbscontrol and ctl globally distributed objects within a given time range. Changes to these GDOs are made using the DBS Control (dbscontrol) and Control GDO Editor (ctl) utilities, respectively.
logview System Log and Dump Utility
mboxchk A front-end script for puma -m command monitors Advanced SQL Engine mailbox messages to detect DBS hangs
modmpplist Modifies the node list (mpplist) file on local or all system nodes
nodecheck Gathers and analyzes PDE vital information from local node
pcl Parallel Command Language user interface
pdeconf PDE configuration settings
pdeglobal Displays the PDE global information
pdehelp Displays Teradata tools online help
pdeinfo Saves system-wide PDE related data
pdedrv PDE device driver load/unload administration command
pdepath Displays paths of Teradata running environment
pdestat PDE System call Statistics Display Utility
pdestate Displays the current PDE state and substate
pdestop Brings PDE down immediately on the local node
syscheck Runs nodecheck on all system nodes to gather and analyze PDE vital information
tdatcmd Sets up a Teradata command shell or window
tdinfo Displays the Teradata system configuration
tdinstall Install a Teradata component software package
tdmaint Tool for marking the node for maintenance and change it back
tdnstat Teradata Network (TDN) Statistics Display Utility displays or clears network statistics
tdntune Teradata Network (TDN) dynamic tunables read/write utility
tdpkgrm Removes old Teradata software versions
toscrashcount TPA Crash Count Utility
tosgetpma Displays the contents of the tosgetpma structure
tpacontrolnode Display PDE control node id, cabinet, and module
tpanode Display the PDE node and the node type.
tpasetcfg Cancels PDE's NETCONFIG start-up timeout
tpasumtrace Summarizes TPA start-up and restart traces for all nodes
tpatrace Displays PDE start-up and restart traces for various subsystems
tpatracedump Extracts and displays TPA traces from a kernel panic dump
tsklist Displays information about PDE processes and their tasks
prginv PDE program invocation utility
prgreset PDE Partition Reset Utility
prgtrace Produces detailed traces of actions taken by PDE programs
psh Parallel SHell (P-SHell)
puma Prints PDE information and kernel memory addresses
v2pgdo Displays the contents of the V2P GDO
vconfig Translates configuration definition to VCONFIG GDO
verify_pdisks verifies configuration definition of vconfig.gdo and matches the configuration on disk
vprocgdo Displays the contents of the VprocConfig GDO