17.10 - Session State Display - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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The session state display consists of session identifier information and session state details. Displays for sessions involved in FastLoad, MultiLoad, or FastExport operations provide additional information described later.

If a session is idle, only the session identifier information is displayed, as shown below.

Host Session PE DBC User ID
---- ------- -- -----------
 110 1006    11 DBC

The columns for the Session Identifier display the following information.

The column named... Contains the...
Host logical host identifier.
Session session identifier.
PE PE number of the PE to which the session is assigned.
DBC User ID user assigned to the session.

If a session is active, and not part of a FastLoad, MultiLoad, or FastExport, the following session state detail information displays.

Session State Query Results : 00/06/15 14:14:13

Host Session PE DBC User ID
---- ------- -- -----------
 110 1006    11 DBC

State Details : ACTIVE

Statements Dispatched Time     CPU Usage Accesses
---------- ---------- -------- --------- --------
         1          1 14:22:09         2       22

Session State Details During Stored Procedure Execution

If a SQL or external stored procedure is being executed, the following session state information is displayed.

Session State Query Results : 00/06/15 13:14:13

Host Session PE DBC User ID
---- ------- -- -----------
 110 1006    11 DBC

State Details : ACTIVE (Stored Procedure is executing)

The State Details correspond to the latest SQL request that the stored procedure executed.