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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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The ACTIVE state indicates that the session has sent steps to the dispatcher and possibly to one or more AMP vprocs.

The ACTIVE state display for a session not part of a FastLoad, MultiLoad, or FastExport operation is shown below.

State Details : ACTIVE

Statements Dispatched Time     CPU Usage Accesses
---------- ---------- -------- --------- --------
         1          1 14:22:09         2       22

The columns on the ACTIVE state display provide the following information.

The column named... Contains the...
Statements total number of statements in the current session request.
Dispatched highest statement number dispatched to the AMPs.
Time time that the last step in the highest statement number was sent to the AMPs.
CPU Usage accumulated time in thousandths of a second that all AMPs spent processing the current request.
Accesses total number of segment access calls executed on all AMPs for the session request.